Choose your Own Youtube Channel Ideas and Earn Money

1.Know your Goal

We all watch YouTube videos. You see different types of videos all day. Billions of channels include many subscribers. But the goal is important. You should know your WHY? You want views or money, fame or popularity, and serve people. These are the things you should know, right? All these points are necessary to know. You should know enough about yourself that what is your purpose. If you follow the reasons behind your WHY? Then whatever you will choose or start on YouTube will help you. So, find it and conclude.



This thing is always matters. When you buy anything, first what you see your interest, obviously cause interest is important. So if you want to open a YouTube channel but with interest then it is helpful.

Just please don’t follow the trend to be a YouTube, know your interest what kind of videos you can generate or create much better than anyone. Plan for how you can represent your videos to the audience. Make sure the audience can understand you. Moreover, for the long-term stay, you can calculate what can be good for you or what is not.

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3.Long term views

You created the channel, generating the contents, you got the views around 730 to 11k or 500 to 2k, but this view is good for starting. But not for the long term, you have to be regular and very consistent. Also, be active on social media platforms.

Coming to the main point, whatever the topic you are choosing, you can evaluate them. How many types of ideas come to your mind regarding the topic.


For the channel and your content sustainability, you can’t escape. Know the monetization, scope, of that particular content that you are choosing. Search how much people can earn from this content? These questions should be on your checklist. Don’t just move with the flow, make Kaplan and go with strategy step by step.